Topic 5: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Chuck is an 8-year-old boy who has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Three years ago, his parents noticed that Chuck showed delays in social communication skills (lack of conversational speech, poor eye contact, lack of urge to talk or express his feelings), repetitive and stereotyped behaviors (toe walking, likes to follow the same routines every day). He was then assessed to have a borderline IQ of 70. A little overweight with a BMI of 30.1, Chuck is going to primary school. However, he has been demonstrating various inappropriate behaviors in class such as biting, spitting, and growling at his classmates. According to his teachers, Chuck has particular difficulty staying in his seat and participating in class activities.

One day when Chuck’s parents were talking to their friend, she suggested that her friend’s kid has similar problems. But the kid is now taking a medicine called Ritalin® and things seem to be much better now.

Imagine you are the speech therapist of Chuck.

In your presentation, make sure you include the following components:

  • What is ASD? What are the risk factors and course of development of ASD? What are the common symptoms of ASD?
  • What is the role of speech therapists in the management of kids with ASD?
  • What is Ritalin®? How does it work?
  • As Chuck’s speech therapist, what is your treatment plan? What are the target areas you would like to treat/manage?