Individual Term Paper


End-of-semester Assessment – Term Paper

Recall there are two components to your final course grade: (1) mid-term group presentation, and (2) end-of-semester assessment. To avoid possible confusion and technical difficulties associated with online examination, the end-of-semester assessment will be carried out in the form of a paper. As the semester is coming to an end, you should have learned much about communication, and speech, language, hearing and swallowing disorders. You now should have a good idea what some of the speech/language/swallowing disorders be able to come up with a research paper independently.


Each student will submit an individual paper. You must prepare for and write the paper yourself. The paper will be in Chinese, with an English abstract. Select a disorder related to speech, language, hearing or swallowing. Talk about the disorder and its etiology, as well as its effect on communication and quality of life. Design a way to evaluate the severity and characteristics of the disorder, and the effect on communication and patient’s quality of life. Then design one or two intervention methods, or management protocol(s).

For example, for individuals with Parkinson’s disease (PD). You should talk about the signs and symptoms, underlying cause of PD. Talk about how PD affects one’s communication. As a speech therapist, how do we evaluate/assess its severity (particularly regarding speech). How do we manage them? Talk about medical, pharmaceutical, behavioral treatments that are available to PD, etc.


  1. Title Page (Choose your title carefully.) The title should be fewer than 25 words. Use the title page template. It must contain the title of your paper (a Chinese title, followed by the English title in the next line). Make sure you include your name and your university ID number in the title page.
  2. Chinese abstract (<200 words): It should include Objective/Background, Assessment, and Intervention/Management
  3. English abstract (<300 words)
  4. Main body (>3000 words)
    • Introduction/Background
    • Etiology/Risk factors of the disorder
    • Course of development of the disorder
    • How does it affect communication / swallowing?
    • Assessment of symptoms of the disorder (Why are they useful?) (perceptual vs. instrumental)
    • Intervention of the disorder
    • Prognosis
    • Conclusion
    • References (at least 10 references)

The paper should be prepared using word processing software such as WPS, MS WORD. Submit your paper in word format. Name your file using pinyin of your name: firstname+lastname.docx. For example, if your name is 陈大伟, then name your file should be named as: chendawei.docx

Please be reminded that plagiarism is a serious offense. All papers will be scanned for similarity via baidu or cnki.

Due Date

To be announced.

Marking Rubics for the Term Paper

  1. Content (Accuracy, coverage, relevancy of information, etc.) (80%)
  2. Presentation (Format, smoothness of content, etc.) (20%)