Group Projects



To work on the projects, you will be divided into 6 groups (5 groups of 4 students + 1 group of 3 students (total = 23 students). Each group will select a project topic to work on. Working a group, students of each group will prepare, research for, and deliver a 25-minute presentation in English. To facilitate their presentations, students are strongly encouraged to make use of audio/visual aid and PPT for their presentations. Each presentation will be followed by a brief Q&A session of 5-10 minutes.


Assessment of project work will adopt a 360-degree evaluation. Your presentations will be rated by your fellow students and your teachers (me and Ms Zhang). Grading rubrics will be provided soon.


Topic 1: Ankyloglossia

Topic 2: Parkinson’s Disease

Topic 3: Dysphagia

Topic 4: Aphasia

Topic 5: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Topic 6: Dysphonia